Head coach of high school women’s judo club suspended for six month for allowing use of violence

All Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) suspended for 6 months the instructor qualification of Yuta Yazaki, the head coach of the judo club of Fujigakuen High School in Yamanashi Prefecture. Fujigakuen High School is the second high school in Japan to be the winner of all three major high school women’s judo group competitions last year. Yuta Yazaki was suspended for allowing two senior high school members to use violence against junior members during practice.


In February 2019, the compliance hot line of AJJF received a message regarding the women’s judo club of Fujigakuen and AJJF investigated the case. The message stated that 1st grade students had been repeatedly hit on their face and shoulders, and kicked their legs during randori. The student’s parent who reported the issue to AJJF said in the interview by the Asahi Shimbun that suspending the qualification of the head coach was an appropriate decision.


On the other hand the high school asserted, “There was a large difference in the judo ability between the senior and junior students. While the junior members thought they were victims of violence, we have always been against the use of violence. We will request the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency and other organizations to invalidate the AJJF decision.”


Fujigakuen High School won the group competitions in the National High School Championship in March, Kinshuki High School Championship in July and the Inter-High School Athletics Meet in August. They won all three major competitions in high school women’s judo for the first time in 10 years.


We translated this News. November 21,2019


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