High school judo club member fractured a leg while practicing with teacher, who was then suspended for a month

The Miyazaki Prefecture Board of Education announced on June 26 the disciplinary action to suspend a male prefectural high school teacher (30’s) for one month. The man who was also the head coach of the judo club, made a student fall and fracture a leg outside the dojo during high school judo club practice. He had also failed to report the injury to the school.

According to the announcement by the board of education, around 6:30 p.m. on April 16 the teacher and the third year student were practicing at the high school dojo. As they moved out of the dojo in a wrestle, the teacher made the student fall down. After they returned to the dojo to continue randori, the student attempted to get up from a crawl when the teacher covered over him. As a result of these actions the student suffered three fractures on his left leg, requiring 4 weeks to heal.

During an interview with the Prefectural Board of Education the teacher claimed that he had no intentions to move outside the dojo while they were wrestling. He also claimed that he had no intentions to cause the student to fall. On the other hand the student said he was pushed out of the hall by the teacher. A disagreement remained between the two parties.

The Prefectural Board of Education was unable to determine if the teacher’s actions were intentionally conducted. His actions were therefore defined as inappropriate conduct and not as physical punishment.

We translated this news. December 3, 2019

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