College freshman in judo team hit by coach with a stick, suffers complications.

Osaka Sangyo University announced on September 20, 2018 that a first year male member (19) of the judo team was hit by a male coach (24) with a wooden stick, resulting in an injury and an after-effect. The university determined the coach’s action as physical violence based on the investigation conducted immediately after the incident. The contract with the coach was terminated on September 6 and a report was submitted to the Japan Sport Agency.

The coach had been instructing the judo team since April, 2018. Osaka Sangyo University stated that on June 15 in the University Hall the coach was standing near the timer, which members use to measure time, during the practice of Newaza. He told the freshman member to move away, but since he didn’t the coach became upset. The coach hit him once with the wooden stick, which hit the victim’s wrist.

The freshman had strong pain and swelling, and the injury was diagnosed as “compartment syndrome” which may be accompanied by nerve damage. He was in the hospital for a month where he received three surgeries; now he suffers an after-effect in which one of the fingers in his right hand has limited mobility.

“I held the stick to show an attitude of authority. I was upset when I hit him with it,” the coach said in the investigation by the university.

The manager and head coach (48) was not at the site when the incident occurred. The university is considering removing him from the position of manager but allowing him to remain the head coach.

We translated this News. December 6, 2019

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