Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [1]

Second grade junior high school judo club student dies following a strangle hold by the teacher

The Asahi Shimbun

August 25, 1984


In the workshop hall of Hada Junior High School, Masayuki Nakajima (13), a second year student, was practicing judo with the judo club teacher Shigemitsu Hanai (23) around 11:30 on Aug. 24. Masayuki lost consciousness when the teacher used strangling technique. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance but soon died.


The Toyohashi Police Station will interview Mr. Hanai due to the suspicion that he failed to exercise due care required, while the autopsy of the boy is being conducted from the morning of Aug. 25. The All Japan Judo Federation has stated that this is the first case of death in Japan by the use of the judo strangling technique.


The investigation has shown that 22 first and second year students participated in the practice that day. When the members paired to practice newaza (ground grappling) in the final part of the practice, Masayuki paired with Mr. Hanai because he had no partner. Mr. Hanai sat astride Masayuki, who was lying down, grasped both lapels of his judo outfit with both hands to apply strangling, then in less than 10 seconds he fainted. He had a few convulsions immediately after and stopped moving. Mr. Hanai massaged his arms and legs but he did not recover consciousness.


Masayuki has an ordinary constitution, about 164cm tall and weighs 56kg. There was nothing unusual in the school medical checkup conducted in spring. He joined the judo club right after school started and had 4th Kyu.


Mr. Hanai was a member of the judo club for 3 years in high school, holding 2nd Dan. After graduating from Aichi University of Education he started teaching at this school from April the previous year. He managed the judo club with another colleague, but was by himself that day because the colleague was on a business trip.


Second year junior high school student dies during judo practice; cause of death was acute heart failure

The Asahi Shimbun

August 26, 1984

Masayuki Nakajima, a second year student of Hada Junior High School, died in the morning of Aug. 24 during judo practice when the teacher of the judo club applied shime-waza (strangling technique). The Toyohashi Police Station announced that the autopsy, which was conducted on Aug. 25, at Aichi Medical University, had indicated that the cause of death was acute heart failure, not suffocation.

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