Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [5]

High School judo club member dies after free sparring during practice

The Asahi Shimbun

May 18, 1989


It was reported on May 17 that a second year student and member of the judo club of Seinan Gakuin High School died on May 1 after hitting his head during judo practice. He joined the judo club in April because he wanted to show different types of judo techniques in the United States should he be chosen as one of the students in the school-sponsored home-stay program in the US. The student who died was Ichiro Ide (17), the son of Toshiro Ide (51) who is an art-supply store owner.


The school indicated that the judo club started practice at the gymnasium around 4:20 pm after school on Apr. 24. Nine members participated under the instruction of the head teacher Tatsuhiko Hama (27). During a meeting which started after 6 rounds of randori (free sparring), Ichiro sat on the floor holding his head with both hands. Mr. Hama told him to lie down near the window. He walked a few meters and lied down, but shortly he vomited and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital.


Ichiro, who had remained unconscious, died on May 1 at 1:25 am. The cause of death was brain contusion. The Fukuoka West Police Station, which received the report on the same day, assumed that the student died due to violently hitting his head during practice. The police do not intend to pursue criminal charges against accidental death.


“Ichiro was a popular student. It was almost certain that he will be selected in June as a member of the group staying at private homes in the United States next year,” Principal Kimura stated. The school held a private funeral attended by all students on May 1 and a memorial service on May 12 at the churc

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