Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [45]

First year junior high school student falls unconscious during judo practice and dies; Aomori
The Yomiuri Shimbun
May 27, 2009
A first year student and judo club member (12) of Fujisaki Junior High School in Aomori fell unconscious after hitting his head during judo practice. He was in hospital in serious condition and died on the morning of May 27.
The school stated that on May 23 he hit his head and fell unconscious when he was thrown by a senior student during randori (free sparring), where the two members alternately applied techniques. He was then taken to hospital.
Nine club members were practicing that day. The club teacher was not present but two male school-life counselors of the city government were instructing as coaches. The student who died had just started judo.

Wish for his recovery not realized; first year student of Fujisaki Junior High School dies after hitting his head during judo practice
The Asahi Shimbun, Aomori
May 28, 2009
A tragedy happened to a young man who had just started junior high school in April. A student of Fujisaki Junior High School, member of the judo club (12), fell unconscious after hitting his head during judo club training and died four days later on May 27.
Practice started at 9:00 am on May 23. After one hour of running, warming-up exercises and practice of ukemi (break fall), students were taught newaza (ground techniques) and osae-komi (pinning techniques), followed by match-type practice. From around 11:00 randori (free sparring) started and around noon, immediately before the end of the practice, the injury occurred. A senior student who applied harai-goshi (hip sweep) to throw the student noticed that something was wrong when the student did not stand up. Coaches and other students, who saw that he was unconscious, called 119.

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