Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [50]

First year elementary school student dies after falling unconscious during judo practice; did he hit his head   
The Nikkei
July 5, 2010

A first grade male student (6) of Onomachi Elementary School in Gifu suddenly fell unconscious and collapsed during practice at a private judo club on July 3 at around 9:50 am. He was taken to hospital and died of acute subdural hematoma the same day. Ogaki Police indicated that it is likely that he had hit his head hard during training because he had internal bleeding in the occipital region.
According to the police, 10 members, including two junior high school students who served as instructors, and lower-grade elementary school students, attended practice on the morning of July 3. During randori practice (free sparring), in which they changed opponents, the student collapsed immediately after practice started with the 6th opponent. The police are interviewing the teacher and other members because the boy may have hit his head while no one noticed.



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