Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [53]

A first year high school student dies after collapsing from heat stroke during judo practice; Nagasaki
The Yomiuri Shimbun
August 4, 2011
A first year student and member of the judo club of Yukokan High School in Nagasaki fell unconscious due to heat stroke during joint training on July 31 and later died.
The school stated that the student had attended the practice held at a judo training hall of Shikamachi Technical High School in Sasebo from about 1:00 pm that day. After a warm up exercise, they had randori (free sparring) by alternately applying techniques before practicing footwork. At around 3:30 pm the student in question stumbled when he tried to stand up. Another student near him supported him and noticed that he was unconscious. He remained unconscious and was taken to hospital by an ambulance where he later died at around 4:10 pm on Aug. 2.
In the judo training hall on July 31, the windows were open and two fans were on. Every 30 minutes the students rested, drank water and had salt. The Nagasaki Marine Meteorological Observatory reported that the temperature of Sasebo at 2:00 pm on that day was 32.1℃.
The vice president of Yukokan High School said, “We thought we had fully introduced measures for heat stroke. We are sorry that he died.”

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