Who We Are

Japan Judo Accident Victims Association was founded on March 27, 2010 in Tokyo Japan. The mission of JJAVA is to support judo accident victims and their families, and to lobby for improved judo safety.


There are two classes of members.
Full members are victims of judo accidents and/or their families. To be a full member, approval by the Board is required.
Associate members are people who support the mission of the association. Associate members do not have voting rights.

Membership Dues

Full Members: 2000 yen per annum minimum
Associate members: 1000 yen per annum minimum


To achieve the mission of the group, the following activities will be conducted.
1. Organize symposiums and study meetings.
2. Operate a website for information dissemination and exchange.
3. Inform and involve the public
4.Lobby schools, government agencies and sports federations to improve safety and transparency
5.Conduct other activities to reduce judo accidents.

Board Members

President Hisako Kurata
Public information Yoshiyuki Tanaka
Treasurer Kumiko Ikeda
Adviser Sachiko Takeda

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