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Serious judo injuries in school settings in 2019

The Japan Sport Council (JSC) issued a yearly report, “ […]

Former junior high school judo coach found guilty of physically punishing and injuring judo club members

February 15, 2021 The Mainichi Shimbun https://mainichi […]

Junior high school judo teacher is charged and disciplinary dismissed for seriously injuring a student; punishments for injuring students have begun to change

December 15, 2020 Kobe Shinbun NEXT https://www.kobe-np […]

Judo teacher physically punishes students using strangling technique and explains he was teaching them a lesson

https://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/sougou/202012/0013930090 […]

It must not end as an unfortunate injury; punishment during sport training

The Asahi Shimbun Digital November 14, 2020 Toru Nakako […]

Japan teacher arrested on suspicion of brutally punishing judo students who ate popsicles

The Mainichi                                            […]

Junior high school teacher in Takarazuka charged with using violence against judo club members

https://sun-tv.co.jp/suntvnews/news/2020/11/02/30611/ h […]

Ohtawara City Council agreed to pay 60 million yen to student injured during judo training

A first-year student and judo club member of a junior h […]

Chief guard disciplined for continuing judo training when a guard complained of breathing difficulties; he lost consciousness.

Livedoor News August, 02, 2020 https://news.livedoor.co […]

Oita District Court order prefecture to pay compensation of 1.5 million yen to victim who sustained injury during high school judo club practice

The Mainichi Shimbun July 8, 2020 https://judge.memo.wi […]

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