Junior high school teacher in Takarazuka charged with using violence against judo club members




A teacher and former judo club supervisor (50) at Nagao Junior High School in Takarazuka was charged by the Kobe District Public Prosecutor’s Office for inflicting bodily injury. Two students were seriously injured after the teacher repeatedly used judo techniques against them.

According to the charging document, on Sept. 25, 2020, the former judo club supervisor grappled two students on the floor and slapped awake one of the students who lost consciousness before continuing his violent actions. The students had injuries that will take three months and one week, respectively, to heal completely.

The teacher is said to have physically punished the students because they had eaten popsicles from the fridge without permission. The Kobe District Public Prosecutor’s Office has not clarified if the teacher admitted to the charges.

This is the first time in history that a person wearing a judo uniform, using judo techniques and assaulting students in a school dojo was charged with inflicting bodily injury. For many years the public prosecutors dismissed similar judo cases indicating that it was impossible to distinguish between judo lessons and violence when the people involved were wearing judo uniforms and practicing judo at a school judo hall. Recently people injuring others during judo practice at regular dojos outside the school had been found guilty, however none of the cases that happened in school had ever had a person charged for inflicting bodily injury.








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