Our Mission

Japan Judo Accident Victims Association (JJAVA) is a group of judo injury victims, their families, and other concerned people, founded with the mission to support victims and find way to reduce death and serious injury as a result of judo among young athletes through the introduction of effective safety measures.

When children die or sustain severe judo injury, the families will be devastated and isolated.
JJAVA offers advice to and supports the families of the victims of judo injury.
The members help each other to overcome the painful experience.

Children love judo.
Our main goal is to create a safe environment for judo practice.
We conduct a wide range of activities, including investigation of causes of judo injury, judo injury prevention research, proposal of safety measures regarding judo practice and calls for protection of the rights of children.
The members hold seminars as well as meet with schools, judo organizations and other professional groups.

While the Ministry of Education has issued a notice for schools to conduct an investigation within 3days of a serious injury based on request, many schools avoid full examination of the injury.
Seminars to promote safe judo instruction has been frequently held, but we continue to see tragic deaths and injuries of children during practice.

Our organization will continue this endeavor until deaths and serious judo injuries are no longer the major concern of instructors, athletes or the public.

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