Serious judo injuries in school settings in 2019

The Japan Sport Council (JSC) issued a yearly report, “Injuries and accidents under school supervision in 2019” in March 2021. It covers deaths and injuries that occurred under school supervision during class hours and extracurricular instruction hours, during breaks and on the way to and from school between April 2019 and March 2020. The injured students identified by JSC receive Injury and Accident Mutual Aid benefits as medical expenses, disability compensation or death compensation. The school settings include nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special needs schools and technical colleges.

Nine cases of judo related serious injuries with complications were listed. They occurred during class and during after-school judo club activities in junior high and high schools. They are as follows:

Case 1: During a judo match a first-year junior high school student twisted his foot and fell when the opponent counterattacked. He injured his left femur distal epiphyseal line and has a leg length discrepancy.

Case 2: A third-year junior high school student hit the back of his head when an opponent threw him using osotogari. He suffered subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhaging, resulting in brain damage, right leg paralysis and post-traumatic epilepsy.

Case 3: A first-year high school student fractured a finger on his left hand under the weight of his body when he applied a technique during judo practice in PE. As a result, motion of the finger is limited.

Case 4: During a judo match in PE, a first-year high school student hit his left arm on the mat when performing a breakfall. His upper arm was fractured, resulting in motion limitation of the joint and the development of a scar.

Case 5: When a second-year high school student was thrown during judo practice in PE, his opponent’s foot kicked his crotch. His right testicle was ruptured and had to be surgically removed.

Case 6: A first-year high school student hit his right eye when he was practicing judo with an opponent during after-school club activity. His vision was impaired due to renal detachment.

Case 7: During high school judo club practice, a first-year female student was thrown by an opponent using shoulder throw technique. She fell face up on her head. Her cervical cord was injured and she suffers from quadriplegia.

Case 8: A second-year high school student was thrown overhead by an opponent during judo practice. The opponent’s heel kicked the student’s testis and ruptured it.

Case 9: A first-year high school student was thrown by an opponent who used a hip sweep throw. His right collarbone was fractured and deformed under the body weight of the opponent.

April 17, 2021

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