Three high school students died in school judo activities in 2011.

All Judo Japan Federation (Zenjuren) announced that three high school students died in school judo activities in 2011 and three students were left with long term after-effects.

At the Zenjuren experts committee held today (March 16, 2012) judo injuries including three death cases in school judo activities were reported for this year (April 2011 to March 2012). First year high school male students died during club practices; two students hit their heads in major outer reap and one died of heatstroke. In addition there were three junior/senior high school students who were left with long term damages after judo incidents.
These are accidents that happened in schools and assumed not to include injuries in private sector judo dojos or sports clubs. If the victim of a judo injury in a private sector dojo or a sports club is a member of Zenjuren, the incident will be reported in the Disability Compensation Scheme of Zenjuren. The information used to be reported by Zenjuren, but for this fiscal year Zenjuren has sent a notice that they will not disclose it due to Personal Information Protection Law. Therefore detailed information regarding fatal incidents and major injuries in judo other than those that happened in junior/senior high schools is not available to us. We strongly request that Zenjuren discloses information on judo injuries.

At the Zenjuren expert committee, a proposal was made to prohibit participants in junior tournaments who had brain concussion to continue to play in the tournament. The proposal will be presented to the Board of Trustees and the Board ofDirectors on the 22nd. The purpose of this is to ensure safety and prevent injury of the participants, therefore care for concussion in every day practices in addition to competition is also essential. Risk of brain concussion may be higher in daily practices compared to tournaments.

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