Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2011 [2]

District Court accepts parents’ request; junior high school student died from judo injury

The Asahi Shimbun, Shizuoka

August 5, 1994


The parents of a male junior high school student (12), a member of the after-school judo club, in Yaizu, Shizuoka, who died during practice, had filed a civil lawsuit against the 3rd year student and his parents, and the city of Yaizu. They claimed that the senior student, the opponent, lacked consideration and that the supervision of the parents and the school was insufficient; they sought a total of 49 million yen of compensation. The district court ruled the decision on Aug. 4. The Chief Justice Kohei Yoshihara totally accepted the claim of the plaintiff, stating “Practice method used by the senior student had problems and neither his parents nor the school fully exercised supervisory responsibility.”


The lawsuit was filed by an owner of a hair salon (53) and his wife (53) in Yaizu. His younger son died when he was a 1st year student of the junior high school.


The decision indicated that the child attended the practice of the judo club in Aug. 1986. He fell and hit his head strongly when a senior student used osoto-gari (large outer reap), resulting in death. No instructor was present at the practice.


67million yen settlement agreed; lawsuit on junior high school student who died during practice; Tokyo District court/ Shizuoka

The Asahi Shimbun, Shizuoka

March 28, 1995


At the hearing of the appeal against the civil trial filed by the parents of a male student (12) who died during junior high school judo club practice, a settlement was reached on March 27. The parents sought a total compensation of \49 million, claiming insufficient consideration of the practice opponent who was a senior student, and lack of supervision by the opponent’s parents and the school. The parties have agreed that \67 million, including interest, will be paid by the defendant.

The defendant had appealed to the Tokyo High Court against the decision by the Shizuoka District Court, which was in full favor of the plaintiff.

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