Newspaper articles of judo injuries resulting in death: 1984 – 2010 [49]

Third year high school student dies after hitting in judo practice; Oita Prefecture
The Yomiuri Shimbun
May 3, 2010
Takehiro Uehara (17), a third year high school student of Oita Technical High School in Oita Prefecture, fell unconscious after he was thrown during joint judo camp practice at Oita Prefectural Taketa High School on May 1 at around 2:55 pm. He died 9 hours later in hospital.
Taketa Police and Taketa High School indicated that during randori practice (free sparring) with another student, he hit the back of his head when his opponent used osoto-gari technique (large outer reap). After standing up he complained of a headache before collapsing to the floor. The autopsy indicated that he died of acute subdural hematoma.
The joint judo camp was scheduled to take place for 3 days from May 1, attended by 45 students of 7 schools in Oita Prefecture.

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