3967 injuries in junior high school judo classes, 5835 injuries in judo clubs in FY2014

In FY2014, 3967 student injuries during junior high school judo classes required visits to medical clinics according to a report by Hyogo Prefectural Assembly member Mr. Maruo.

In addition to this, 5835 injuries during after school judo clubs were also reported. This is a total of 9802 injuries during FY2014 or 27 junior high school judo injuries a day.

Requirement to see a doctor implies that the injuries were not slight. Of the 3967 injuries 1263 cases, about 30%, were bone fractures.

64% of junior high school students in Japan selected judo as their martial art class.
The total number of junior high school students in Japan in FY2002 was 3,504,332.
3,967 ÷ (3,504,332×0.64)=0.001768792
Therefore, the incidence rate of injury in school judo classes was 0.18%.

Although unrelated, if electrical products have a defect probability of 0.18%, it is regarded as being in the red zone, which is a socially unacceptable risk zone.
Reference material : Recall handbook of consumer products 2016 (p.44)
Can we allow children’s lives to be treated so lightly or improperly? 

In one judo club at a high school last year (2015), one first year student suffered a bone fracture.
The student had had heat-related illnesses seven times between June and September, and on one occasion he was transported to hospital because he had fainted.
In this high school, only one of the four judo instructors was aware of “Safe Instruction for Judo” (published by the All Japan Judo Association), a booklet that all judo instructors must know inside out.

In response to the large number of injuries, the All Japan Judo Association (AJJA) established a new system requiring all judokas who teach to have their instructor qualification approved by AJJA.  In addition, safety instruction seminars using Safe Instruction for Judo have been carried out to enhance the safe teaching of judo.
While the efforts are welcome, there is one contradiction: instructors can teach judo in school without the instructor qualification. Why do we have this issue?
AJJA explains that “Judo instruction in school is under the management of the school, therefore we do not have the right to interfere.” Most of the injuries in judo have occurred inside the school.
Unless we eliminate this contradiction, we will not have safe instruction of judo within schools.

Original article in Japanese languageApril 08, 2016


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